Increasing In-Store Traffic with an Advertising Campaign (Static & Video)

Case Study

HappyCoffeePlace drove greater traffic to its F&B outlet and saw increased online orders, after utilizing static and video ads for propsecting on Facebook and Instagram.


Increase in store sales at F&B Outlet and Online Food Delivery Sales Channel


Lower cost per 1000 impressions than market benchmark

The Story

Homegrown F&B Cafe

HappyCoffeePlace is a F&B cafe located in the West region of Singapore that serves delicious local food and beverages to the mass singaporean market.

The Goal

Increased store sales

HappyCoffeePlace aimed to raise brand awareness and generate greater sales volumes, both to its retail store and online food delivery platforms such as GrabFoods, with a new Video Ad.

The Solution

Penetrating the local markets in the West and finding potential audiences with an effective Video Ad

HappyCoffeePlace wanted an advertising campaign that accentuated the tastiness of its food and beverage products, enticing audience to try out the products either via online food delivery or in-person at the retail store.

With that, StellarSpace developed an Advertising Campaign strategy that harbored around creating a set of effective creatives that brought out the tasty, umami factor in the brand's products. Photoshoots were conducted at the store itself, where various settings were introduced to acquire the needed assets for the preparation of the final advertisement creatives.

The Results

Saliva-inducing Goodness

The advertisement campaign ran on Facebook and Instagram during pre-peak meal hours and HappyCoffeePlace saw a great increase in sales, both in its retail F&B outlet and its online food delivery sales channels. The advertisement reached out to large communities of individuals who frequent/stay in the vicinity around the store.

- 35% increase in store sales at F&B Outlet and Online Food Delivery Sales Channel
- 57.3% lower cost per 1000 impressions than market benchmark


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