Reaching new customers with a Video Ad on Facebook and Instagram.

Case Study

The Japanese Spa & Wellness Centre received increased bookings for their trial session after using video ads for propsecting on Facebook and Instagram.


Cheaper Cost Per 1000 Impressions


Better performance than market benchmark for Cost Per Click


Higher Click Through Rate than market benchmark

The Story

Japanese Hot Stone Spa

Founded in 2022, Hanyoku specializes in providing Japanese hotstone spa & therapy services to consumers all over Singapore.

The Goal

Brand Awareness and Bookings

As a new brand, Hanyoku aimed to raise brand awareness and garner initial bookings for their trial spa sessions, and eventual membership package purchases with a new static advertisement.

The Solution

Penetrating the local market and finding potential audiences with an effective Static Ad

Hanyoku wanted an advertisement that highlighted its' unique hot stone therapy services, whilst enticing them to sign up for a trial session at a discounted price. At the same time, the brand wanted the advertisement to reach out to the mass markets in an effort to raise brand awareness and establish a presence in the market.

With that, StellarSpace conducted an initial market research inquiry to gather relevant information with regards to the current market situation for Hanyoku. Subsequently, an Advertising Campaign strategy was developed that harbored around creating an advertisement that emphasised on Hanyoku's unique hotstone therapy services that originated from Japan and was the only one in Singapore. A Landing page was also developed for the brand to go hand-in-hand with the advertising campaign and it served as an avenue for interested customers to learn more about the therapy services and make a booking.

A photoshoot was done at the client's outlet, afterwhich, the assets were utilized to create a static advertisement creative.

The Results

New Spa Beginnings

The advertisement campaign ran on Facebook & Instagram and brought about a great number of bookings for the trial therapy sessions, both from the Local Singapore consumers and Japanese consumers currently preciding in Singapore. The advertisement reached out to the masses and many took an interest in finding out more about the hotstone therapy services and subsequently made trial bookings.

- 10.7x better performance than market benchmark for Cost Per Click
- 8.7x higher Click Through Rate than market benchmark
- 51.2% cheaper Cost Per 1000 Impressions


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