Acquiring new leads with an Advertising Campaign (Static & Video).

Case Study

GRATiAE generated substantial amounts of leads for future follow-up, after utilizing static and video ads for propsecting on Facebook.


Lower Cost per click than market benchmark


Higher Click Through Rate than market benchmark

The Story

Organic Skincare Line

GRATiAE specializes in the sales of organic and natural anti-aging skincare products.

The Goal

Lead Generation for Recruitment

GRATiAE aimed to explore the social media spaces with an Advertising Campaign, in an effort to generate greater leads for their recruitment objectives.

The Solution

Reaching out to job seekers and finding potential audiences with an Advertising Campaign involving a set of effective Static & Video Ads

GRATiAE wanted an advertising campaign that conveyed its' brand essence and highlighted the benefits of the job roles they had in the company. At the same time, the brand wanted to reach out to the local Singapore communities and establish themselves as a workplace that was fun, comfortable and provided a promising career.

With that, StellarSpace conducted an initial market research inquiry to gather relevant information with regards to the current job market situation in Singapore and how it might pertain to achieving GRATiAE's objectives. Subsequently, an Advertising Campaign strategy was developed that harbored around creating a set of effective advertisement that highlighted the success stories of the brand's staff members, showcasing the strengths and benefits of working at GRATiAE, all whilst also keeping the content engaging and interesting. The campaign, #YourFutureInBeauty was born and with coordination with GRATiAE's internal HR team, a shoot was conducted with a few front-line staff members. A recruitment landing page was also developed for the brand to go hand-in-hand with the advertising campaign and it served as an avenue for interested customers to learn more about the brand and to reach out to a HR Rep.

The Results


The advertisement campaign ran on Facebook via a Leads Form and numerous applicants submitted their contact details and were interested to find out more about the job position.The advertisement reached out to large communities of individuals in Singapore who were seeking jobs or interested in making a switch.

- High amount of Leads generated
- 8.8x higher Click Through Rate than market benchmark
- Positive & Fun impression of the brand established

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